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Mistakes often made by the inexperienced planner.

Your special event is fast approaching and there are several volunteers who seem knowledgable about the body of work that will be necessary to plan and execute the event.


However, often these individuals, though well meaning, are inexperienced in many of the considerations for the type of event, number or guests, quality of goods and services and the team that is required to produce a seamless event.  Also, with a desire to save money the inexperienced planner has a tendency to make several expensive mistakes.  


One of the most common mistakes made by the inexperienced planner  is neglecting to factor in taxes, service charges and other hidden fees, such as delivery and shipping costs, into the approved budget. These charges are often significant and can push the budjet out of a managable range. This then leads to embarassing constraints and sacrifices of quality and comfort.


At SUMMIT it is our pleasure to provide comprehensive consultation which includes competent assessments of preferences and costing, for the convenience of our clients. 

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